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Governor Cooper Sides Again with Left Wing Radicalism.

Raleigh, NC – Today Governor Roy Cooper vetoed HB 453, Human Life Nondiscrimination Act/ No Eugenics.

H453 would prohibit individuals from receiving an abortion unless a physician has confirmed the abortion is not being sought due to the presumed race or sex of the unborn child or the presumed presence of Down syndrome.

“This bill had bipartisan support in the House. The unborn should not be discriminated against because of characteristics that they cannot control. I will continue to fight for the unborn regardless of their God given characteristics” said Rep. Hall.

This is Governor Cooper’s second veto within two weeks, making the veto of H453 his 55th veto in office. Governor Cooper vetoed more legislation in one term than every single prior governor combined.

Governor Cooper’s veto message dodged the discrimination issue, sending a clear message that he only cares about discrimination when he finds it politically advantageous.

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