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Governor Roy Cooper Vetoes State Budget

On June 28th, Governor Cooper vetoed the State budget that passed through the North Carolina Legislature. Less than 24 hours after receiving the budget, Cooper blocked billions of dollars in funding for North Carolina communities without even making the effort to review the plan.

The budget authorizes $1.5 billion for capital expenditures on K-12 schools and $400 million for community colleges to fund repairs, renovations, and new buildings on public education campuses across North Carolina.

The State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) is urging support for the spending plan because it “prioritizes pay raises for state employees.”

But Governor Cooper and most of the other Democrats in the Legislature do not care that teachers will be receiving a 2.5% raise with this budget’s implementation or that our students will be afforded a higher quality education experience. They do not care that this budget raises the standard deduction, or ‘zero-tax bracket,’ to increase take-home pay for working families. They do not care that this budget will promote the general prosperity of this state and foster the economic boom North Carolina is experiencing.

House Approves New Spending Bill

The state House of Representatives approved new legislation, Wednesday, July 11th, to meet state funding requirements for immediate needs like Medicaid transformation and infrastructure spending as Gov. Roy Cooper continues to obstruct the bipartisan spending plan approved by the North Carolina General Assembly. 

Veto Implications on Caldwell County

For Caldwell County the budget included $27,529,434.00 of unique state funding that would have been sent directly to our home. This is the breakdown of how the funding is divided.

– Caldwell Public Schools: $15,402,161

– Caldwell Community College: $6,909,964

– Caldwell Courthouse Repair Fund: $4,500,000

– Caldwell County Sheriff: $ 257,940

– Caldwell County Emergency Services $50,000

– District Judicial Funding: $337,858

It is sad to see the Governor hold the betterment of North Carolinians hostage to promote his left-wing agenda.

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