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Legislative Update: N.C. House Completes Bipartisan Redistricting Process to Approve Randomly Select

Raleigh, N.C. – The North Carolina House of Representatives completed its redistricting process on Tuesday, approving new state Senate election maps that passed in their respective chamber by a broadly bipartisan super-majority vote of 38-9.

The state House approved it’s own maps on Friday by a bipartisan super-majority vote of 68-42 for 13 of 14 county groupings, and a 60-50 vote on a single grouping considered in a separate vote.

The new legislative maps were drawn to comply with a three-judge panel’s directive. They are based on district lines randomly selected from computer generated plans of the state Democratic Party’s redistricting expert at a recent trial challenging those election boundaries.

Representative Hall served as Chairman of the House Committee on Redistricting and was asked by Spectrum News to discuss the redistricting process on their Capital Tonight program.

The state House maps also received nearly unanimous bipartisan support in the House Redistricting Committee for all but one of the new county groupings.

Members of both parties participated in a nonpartisan process of minimally modifying the randomly generated map only to comply with the court order by addressing issues of incumbency.

Leaders of both parties also praised the process, with Senate Republican and Democrat leaders releasing a joint statement calling it “the most transparent redistricting process in history.”

The final state House vote on Tuesday completed the General Assembly’s process to comply with the court’s redistricting order.

These new maps do not change Caldwell County’s district lines and State House district 87 and State Senate District 46 remain as they were before. If upheld by the courts these maps will be implemented in the 2020 election. When asked during the interview with Spectrum News how he felt about the implications for the Republican party in the coming election, Representative Hall responded…

“We have no idea what the partisan make of the maps will ultimately be. That is the nature of choosing the plaintiff’s own maps, in this instance and doing that at random… We have no idea what the ultimate outcome will be. But I’ll tell you that we are confident that whatever maps we run under in 2020 we’re excited about President Trump being on the ballot and we’re going to do well regardless.”
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