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N.C. Chamber Ranking Places Rep. Hall at Top of Pro-Business Legislators

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

This week the N.C. Chamber released it’s 2021 Legislative Scorecard report. This report “grades the performance of state legislators when given the chance to stand up for job creators…”

Representative Hall was named a “Jobs Champion” this year and outscored every other legislator for his pro-business efforts in 2021. Additionally, the N.C. Chamber assigned Representative Hall a 96% pro-business rating for support of legislation backed by the organization.

Legislators who supported the Chamber’s position on a given vote receive one “pro-business” point in their favor, as do any primary sponsors of probusiness bills scored in the report. Legislators who voted against the Chamber’s position receive one “anti-business” point. Representative Hall scored more points than any other legislator in both the House and Senate. With a final score of 22 pro-business points, Rep. Hall’s total far exceeds the average of 15.6 points for Republicans in the N.C. House and the average of 17.1 points for Republicans in the N.C. Senate.

Representative Hall as been diligently working with business leaders in North Carolina and has spearheaded a number of legislative initiatives that will have significant, positive impacts on the business environment of our state.

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