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N.C. House Elections Chairs Respond to Firing of Kim Strach from Elections Board

Raleigh, N.C. – The co-chairs of the North Carolina House Elections Committee responded Monday to the firing of Executive Director Kim Strach from the State Board of Elections. Rep. Holly Grange (R-New Hanover) and Rep. Destin Hall (R-Caldwell) issued the following joint statement:

“With overwhelmingly effusive praise of Kim Strach coming from the members and chairman of the State Board of Elections today – including unanimous approval of a motion to issue a resolution praising her accomplishments and a dinner planned to recognize her successful tenure – it’s clear she was fired and replaced with a Democratic political activist who lives in South Carolina to exert partisan control over our state’s elections systems,” Rep. Grange and Rep. Hall said. “We appreciate Kim Strach’s impeccable service to the state of North Carolina and are deeply disappointed by the Governor’s decision to fire such a respected public servant from the state board for political purposes during two ongoing special Congressional elections.”
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