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NC House of Representatives Will Broadcast Session via Live Video

On Wednesday, the 27th of February 2019, Representative Hall introduced legislation that would require the proceedings of the N.C. House of Representatives to be broadcasted live online to the general public and to study the feasibility of televising all sessions. On March 6th of 2019, the bill (House Bill 218) passed through the House with only one vote in opposition. The Speaker of the House instructed that the proper equipment be installed in order that the public be able watch the House at work for the coming short session of 2020. Until now, North Carolina is one of only seven states that does not provide video webcasts of their legislative sessions.

When asked why he had introduced the legislation Representative Hall responded, “We‘re doing the business of the public, and the public should have the ability to tune in and keep a watch on what their government is doing”.

The recent COVID-19 safety measures have delayed the project’s completion, and the full camera system has not been fully installed. However, you will still be able to view the House Chamber by video on April 28th, 2020 when the Legislature reconvenes. Though the video coverage will be somewhat limited.

The Senate has not taken measures to adopt video broadcasting at this time, so folks at home will only be able to watch the proceedings of the House Chamber.

To see Representative Hall’s February 2020 presentation to the House floor watch the video below.

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