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New Committee Leadership and Membership

Representative Hall has been appointed by the Speaker of The House to the membership of six committees for the 2019-2020 Legislative term. His committees are.

1. Elections and Ethics Law, Chairman 2. Redistricting, Chairman 3. Commerce 4. Finance 5. Judiciary – Criminal Law Matters, Chairman 6. Energy and Public Utilities

With all the turmoil surrounding the 9th Congressional District race, it’s up to the Elections and Ethics Law committee to review upcoming changes to elections proceedings. There are certainly going to be interesting developments over the course of the year, and Representative Hall is looking forward to tackling the challenges that are facing the Elections and Ethics committee this term.

“This committee takes on special importance given reports of absentee ballot irregularities in the 9th Congressional District and state House District 103 in Mecklenburg County. We will ensure state elections officials act expeditiously and thoroughly to conduct a proper investigation and make recommendations that best serve the citizens of North Carolina.” – Rep. Destin Hall

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