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Representative Hall Calls for Action From The State Board

There are many North Carolinians who are deeply concerned about the election results in the Presidential and U.S. Senate races. As a State, we demand transparency from the North Carolina State Board of Elections. We are preparing requests for documents and information that should enable major media outlets to call the Presidential and U.S. Senate results for President Trump and Senator Tillis in North Carolina.

“The Speaker of the House has called on me to act on these egregious delays by the NCSBE and I intend to do so immediately.” “If the NCSBE does not comply with our requests, I will use my authority as the Elections Chairman of the House to call them to subpoena as soon as Monday morning.” – Chairman Destin Hall

You can read the letter from the Speaker of the House below…

It is clear that the State Board of Elections is falling behind nearly every other state in the speed and transparency of its election counting. You are authorized, as House Chair of the Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee, to utilize all available tools, including your constitutional and statutory subpoena power to compel the Board to do its job as soon as possible. President Trump and Senator Tiliis have won this state, and the Board should release the information necessary for even the mainstream media to finalize those calls. Thank you for your determination to protect the votes of the people of North Carolina

The will of the voters must be protected from election fraud, and we must take all necessary steps to ensure that task is successfully carried out.

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