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Representative Hall Calls on AG and State Board to Comply With Subpoenas

Representative Hall and his co-chair of the Elections and Ethics committee, Holly Grange (R-New Hanover.) Issued the a letter to the State Board of Elections and Attorney General Josh Stein to comply with a federal grand jury subpoena related to potential election fraud.

Reps. Grange and Hall said they were “disturbed” by the state’s refusal to comply with a grand jury subpoena despite federal officials extending the deadline for a response until after the elections and clarifying the document production need-not include private voter information.

“Refusing to cooperate with a federal investigation is unacceptable,” they wrote. “With election security dominating the headlines in North Carolina it is critical that federal and state elections officials work with law enforcement to ensure that all North Carolina elections are conducted in a secure fashion.”
“As chairs of the Elections and Ethics Law committee we would like to have an expedient and lawful resolution to this issue,” they wrote to the office of the Attorney General and State Board of Elections. “Please reply within ten days as to whether you intend to comply with the grand jury subpoena.”
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