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Sanctuary Gov. Cooper continues to allow radical left-wing policies to put N.C. communities at risk

A man who is illegally in the United States of America goes free on an assault charge despite federal detainer – that man tries to kill the same North Carolina woman and is arrested after standoff days later – later that man gets released again by the Mecklenburg County sheriff, and is found by feds a day later with a loaded gun.

Sanctuary sheriff policies must end now. The General Assembly passed H.B. 370 “Require Sheriff Cooperation with ICE” to put a stop to this, but it was vetoed by the Governor and blocked from an override by legislative Democrats.

We must demand that our sanctuary governor and sanctuary sheriffs and stop putting radical left wing politics ahead of public safety. The N.C. Sheriffs’ Association in supporting H.B. 370 as a “high priority,” and it’s time for those who are sworn to protect us do the same.

Click THIS LINK to read the read the full story on the Charlotte News and Observer.

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