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Virginia House Approves Assault Weapons Ban

Virginia’s House of Delegates passed legislation on February 11th that would place a ban on the sale of a number of semi-automatic firearms, including AR-15 platform rifles.

Ever since the Democrats recently gained control of the legislative and executive branches in Virginia, we have seen them hurry forward a number of anti-second amendment laws.

This bill, HB 961 “Assault firearms, certain firearm magazines, etc.; prohibiting sale, transport, etc., penalties.”, will make Virginia the 8th state in the Union to ban “assault” weapons if the bill passes through Virginia’s Senate. We can be assured that Virginia’s Democrat Governor will sign HB961 into law if it reaches his desk.

The vote on H.B. 961 in the House was 51-48. It is possible that the bill will not pass through the Senate if the Republicans are able to convince enough Democrats to break with their party.

The radical left wing ideology that has infiltrated the Democratic Party is so overwhelmingly pervasive that no state is safe from it. These radical progressive Democrats will never stop until they have complete control of our country.

It is vital that we use our right to vote to keep the radical left out of every seat of government on our ballots.

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