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Cooper Vetoes Bill to Get N.C. Back to Work

North Carolina businesses are suffering due to being short staffed. Many businesses are so severely under staffed that they are reducing hours of operation, or closing completely on certain days during the week.

Senate Bill 116 would have withdrawn N.C. from the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program (FPUC) agreement that provides an additional $300 per week to unemployment insurance claimants through September 6, 2021.

WCNC Charlotte reported on the staffing situation and interviewed the manager of a Mellow Mushroom in Charlotte. The restaurant is looking to fill 10 to 15 positions including managers, servers, cooks, and bartenders. The pizza chain’s other two Charlotte locations are facing similar challenges. Restaurant manager, Richard Bellino, said, “We have three managers monitoring those platforms on a daily basis, and we just can’t find employees fast enough.” You can view their report below.

This slump in the workforce is due to the unemployment programs which have continued to extend benefits long after the point that they should have concluded.

North Carolina’s unemployment security was able to sustain hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who lost their jobs due to Governor Cooper’s lockdown order. With the economy back in gear, it is crucial that North Carolinians return to the workforce. Governor Cooper’s veto of S116 will slow that process down even more which will continue to cause businesses to suffer over the coming months.

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