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N.C. House Committees Announced

The North Carolina House has announced the committees for the 2023-2024 Legislative Session. There have been changes to some committees this year, but overall, they remain largely similar to prior lineups. Listed below are the forty-four committees in the House this session.

  1. Agriculture

  2. Alcoholic Beverage Control

  3. Appropriations

  4. Appropriations, Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources

  5. Appropriations, Capital

  6. Appropriations, Education

  7. Appropriations, General Government

  8. Appropriations, Health and Human Services

  9. Appropriations, Information Technology

  10. Appropriations, Justice and Public Safety

  11. Appropriations, Transportation

  12. Banking

  13. Commerce

  14. Disaster Recovery and Homeland Security

  15. Education – Community Colleges

  16. Education – K-12

  17. Education – Universities

  18. Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform

  19. Energy and Public Utilities

  20. Environment

  21. Ethics

  22. Families Children and Aging Policy

  23. Federal Relations and American Indian Affairs

  24. Finance

  25. Health

  26. Insurance

  27. Judiciary 1

  28. Judiciary 2

  29. Judiciary 3

  30. Local Government

  31. Local Government – Land Use Planning and Development

  32. Marine Resources and Aquaculture

  33. Military and Veterans Affairs

  34. Oversight Reform

  35. Pensions and Retirement

  36. Redistricting

  37. Regulatory Reform

  38. Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

  39. State Government

  40. State Personnel

  41. Transportation

  42. UNC Board of Governors Nominations

  43. Unemployment Insurance

  44. Wildlife Resources

In addition to serving as the Chairman on the House Rules Committee as previously announced, Representative Hall will also serve on four other committees.

Redistricting, Chair

Energy and Public Utilities, Member

Finance, Member

Unemployment Insurance, Member

Representative Hall looks forward to this session and the upcoming work in each of these committees as they review and support legislation that will benefit our great state.

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