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Proposed State House District Plan Filed by N.C. House of Representatives

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina House Redistricting leaders filed House Bill 898 today, the proposed new State House district plans for North Carolina. The related documents are accessible to the public on the North Carolina General Assembly's website.

The House Redistricting Committee will convene this Thursday to review the plan for the proposed State House districts. Votes to pass these redistricting bills can be expected next week.

Bill sponsors Rep. Destin Hall, Rep. Sarah Stevens, and Rep. Jason Saine issued the following joint statement on the new House districts plan, “This map adheres to established redistricting principles and complies with all legal guidelines. We look forward to voting on this proposed legislation next week.”

Citizens are encouraged to examine the proposed redistricting plan through the General Assembly's website, and public comments can continue to be made through the General Assembly’s public comment portal which can be found here.

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